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Easy to use VueJS component for Photo galleries, built with VueJS and web standards in mind

VueJs Carousel

VueJs Carousel is a photo gallery system that has two main components a Photos components that fetches the photos from a json request and renders them within a list and a Theater component used to display the full size of any selected photo from the gallery. The code is developed by following ECMA Script 2016 standards and is hosted on Github. Feel free to try this component and help me improving it by submitting issues or pull requests.

How to install

  • Run npm install vuejs-carousel --save
  • Include the Carousel component in your script
  • Use the two components Photos and Theater inside your page
  • Remember to attach a source to the Photos component

Live Example

This live example uses JSON array from Mockaroo all thumbnails are 150x150 pixels and all the original images are 800x600 pixels. You can grab the current JSON schema of the example on Mockaroo